Hoppy Drink !

Hoppy Drink at Izakaya restaurant factory in Tokyo Chofu ホッピー 居酒屋 麦芽発酵飲料 工場 東京都調布市 
Hoppy Drink at Izakaya restaurant 居酒屋でのホッピー

Do you know this kind of drink ?
It's Hoppy ! Hoppy is beer taste low alcohol (0.8%) drink made in Tokyo Chofu city.
We drink Hoppy with Shochu spirits normally (Hoppy 5 : Shochu 1). Hoppy is low calorie, low sugar, 0% of purine bodies so it's very healthy drink comparing with beer.
Now you would be able to see anywhere in Tokyo area as popular healthy alcohol drink at izakaya restaurants and let's try it !