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Lake Tama (Panorama view) Tokyo Higashiyamato TAMA Tourism Promotion - Visit Tama 多摩湖 東京都東大和市 多摩観光振興会
Lake Tama (Panorama view) 多摩湖 

Why not you visit Tama !

Would you like to discover the new tourist destination near central Tokyo?


"Tama" area (Western Tokyo area) could accommodate you with nature, retreat, refresh, healing, walking, strolling, Japanese history, sightseeing, activities, manga animation, shopping, foods and beverages, local people, etc.


TAMA Tourism Promotion is trying to introduce and promote the local tourist information in this "Tama" area.

We hope that our TAMA Tourism Promotion - Visit Tama website will help you to enjoy your visit "Tama" and also make you happy to stay in "Tama" area when you are in Tokyo Japan! 

We are always happy to welcome your visit "Tama" !


Director Yoshitsugu SUZUKI

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