Suspention Bridge at Mt. Takao

Suspention Bridge Trail No.4 at Mt. Takao Tokyo Hachioji mountain hiking nature healing retreat famous sightseeing tourist spot TAMA Tourism Promotion - Visit Tama  高尾山 4号路 吊り橋コース 東京都八王子市 自然 登山 ハイキング 癒し 有名観光スポット 多摩観光振興会
Suspention Bridge Trail No. 4 at Mt. Takao Tokyo Hachioji 高尾山 4号路 吊り橋コース 東京都八王子市

If you have already visited Mt. Takao Tokyo Hachioji, you have passed this suspention bridge trail and have taken pictures.

It is one of the most famous attractions at Mt. Takao and many tourists pass this bridge on No. 4 trail.  

Nice healing spot as there is a small river under the bridge and you may be able to hear the sound of river streaming.

Let's enjoy your visit here with about just one and half hour from Shinjuku central Tokyo !