Musashidai Park Tokyo Fuchu

Musashidai Park Tokyo Fuchu nature walking healing tourist spot border point with Kokubunji city TAMA Tourism Promotion - Visit Tama 武蔵台公園 東京都府中市 自然 散策 癒し 観光スポット 国分寺市境 多摩観光振興会
Musashidai Park Tokyo Fuchu 武蔵台公園 東京都府中市


Musashisai park is located in the north part of Tokyo Fuchu city and it is the border place with Kokubunji city.

The park is located along the Kokubunji Cliff, so you would be able to see the up-down at the park.

It is not so famous park however you would be able to discover your favorites as hidden spot !

Access from Nishi-Kokubunji station of JR Chuo Line.