Kakujoe Gyorui Fish Market Tokyo Hino

Kakujoe Gyorui Fish Market store Tokyo Hino fresh nice seafood market shopping spot TAMA Tourism Promotion - Visit Tama 角上魚類 日野店 東京都日野市 新鮮 鮮魚専門店 シーフード 買い物 ショッピング 多摩観光振興会
Kakujoe Gyorui Fish Market store Tokyo Hino 角上魚類 日野店 東京都日野市


Would you like to take out your favorite Sashimi or Sushi for the party with your friends in Tokyo ?

We would recommend Kakujoe Gyorui Fishing store to accommodate this request.

There are 2 stores in Western Tokyo Tama area, in Hino city and Kodaira city.

The picture is at Hino branch store and you would find many kinds of fresh fishes, sashimis, and sushis there !

Since the store is located a little far from the train stations, you would be able to ask your friends to take them out !

Please put this information for your future visit !