Get your Good Luck at Tokyo Ome !

Image photo of Dharma Dolls fortune items winter event tourist spot Tokyo Ome city TAMA Tourism Promotion - Visit Tama だるま市 イメージ画像 東京都青梅市 イベント 観光スポット 多摩観光振興会
Image photo of Dharma Dolls fortune items だるま イメージ画像


Don't worry about your fortune with Japanese Dharma Dolls in Tokyo Tama area !


The first festival with Dharma Dolls is at Akishima city on the 2nd and the 3rd January 2016, however another Dharma Doll festival event will be held in Tokyo Ome city on the 12th January 2016.


Dharma Dolls would be one of your best souvenirs when you are staying at Western Tokyo Tama area, so let's visit and get your favorite doll for your great fortunes !