Inokashira Park in Early Summer

Inokashira pond at Inokashira Park in Early Summer in Tokyo Mitaka city 初夏の井の頭公園 東京都三鷹市
Inokashira Park in Early Summer Tokyo Mitaka 初夏の井の頭公園 東京都三鷹市


Even after Sakura season, Inokashira Park is always welcoming your visit !


Under the natural green leaves and with fresh river water, you would be able to have a relax at this park and it's a nice place for picnic as well. 


Let's enjoy your great time !


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Upper stream point of Kanda river at Inokashira Park Tokyo Mitaka city 神田川上流 井の頭公園 東京都三鷹市
Upper stream of Kanda river Inokashira Park Tokyo Mitaka 神田川上流 井の頭公園 東京都三鷹市