Japan Derby 2016

Tokyo Racecourse Fuchu city sport horserace event attraction exiting spot 東京競馬場 東京都府中市 競馬 スポーツ イベント お祭り 祭典 多摩


Here is one of the hottest spots in Japan with the horse race course of "Japan Derby".


This 83rd event in 2016 would be held at Tokyo Racecourse in Tokyo Fuchu city on the 29th may 2016 and the main race of the Derby would be held at 3:40pm.


Expected of around 100,000-150,000 spectators so you would have a very exciting moments here !


No need to bed the race but you could enjoy the atmosphere !


For more information with the official website of JRA (Japan Racing Association) :

http://japanracing.jp/en/index.html (Available in English, Chinese, Korean, and French)














One of the attractions at Tokyo Racecourse Tokyo Fuchu city Family picnic sport exciting hot event spot 東京競馬場内でのアトラクションの一つ 家族 ピクニック スポーツ 競馬 祭典 お祭り 東京都府中市
One of the attractions Tokyo Racecourse Tokyo Fuchu 東京競馬場内でのアトラクション 東京都府中市